week 14

W A I T I N G…

I suck at waiting. Week 14 of this pregnancy was just the first part of all the “waiting” I had coming my way. I’d wait for questions to be answered, test results to be shared and for time to just hurry up and pass on by.

One thing I didn’t have to wait long on was seeing another sonogram of our baby girl. Since we were now in a high risk pregnancy I got to the privilege of going every two weeks to a MFM (Maternal-Fetal Medicine) to monitor the cystic hygroma that decided to rear its ugly head on the back of my baby’s neck.

Since I had first heard the news of our unborn baby we were waiting on the blood test results to come back from the NIPT (Panorama) I methodically went to the day to day activities trying not to think of what was to come.

I was chatting with my fellow and also pregnant coworker when I got the call. The call from OB with THE RESULTS. This was the start of the rounds of tests that would give some answers to what we would be facing.

Amazing how a single phone call and a few words can make or break your day.

“Low Risk on all accounts” is what the nurse informed me and the tears began to flow. She cried and I cried. It was a step in the right direction. My Doctor warned for me not to get hopes too high but it’s a good sign. “This test isn’t the best for Turners.” was said to me for caution. We would have to an amniocentesis for those answers, but this helped me breath just a little easier for the next few weeks.

this was a wonderful sight