Minecraft Mania, Shaker Cards

Micah’s birthday is right around the corner and we are going with a Minecraft theme this year. He is even getting the Xbox 1 Minecraft edition. We are also having his party at a local arcade that doesn’t allow you to bring decorations, so I decided to have a little fun with his invites. I just got the Project Life Fuser tool, because I have recently feel in love with shaker cards. Pretty sure it’s the dimensional aspect that I like the most.

I went to Michaels and grabbed some scrapbooking photo sleeves that had 6 facings of 6×4 photos. These were a lot cheaper for the quantity than the actual project life sleeves. They had double pockets so I made the card front and back so the information that is covered by my homemade confetti is easily readable on the back side. Green and black sequins were also on my list along with green and brown paper.

I used some black and white clip art from a google image search to make a cut pattern on my silhouette for some custom fun to my confetti. Armed with a fresh blade and time, I got to cutting.


Once everything was cut it was time to start stuffing.


Once I got everything how I liked it I fused them shut. I think they turned out pretty darn gone cute. If I say so myself.


And of course a chance to practice some hand lettering 🙂


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