New Year, New Habits

It’s the end of January, and my husband and I are getting ready to start digging in our feet to save for our next adventure. We want have land and build a house on said land. With that we have to have cash. Liquid cash.

First, we are basing our financial decisions on Dave Ramsey’s advice. I’ll admit we haven’t taken it all to heart, but have made some big steps. Like for one, we sold our house to take $50K + profit and pay down our debt. We aren’t completely done. We have about $10K left in credit cards.

Well any who I started up the cash envelope system again, and I wanted to take a moment and show it off. Cause well I think its pretty 🙂

Also, here are some photos of what I am walking through on the video.


I designed these Expense Trackers to go with my envelopes so I know what I really spend my money one in that category.


You can purchase these as an instant download from my Etsy store.
Personal Planner Cash Envelopes Cut File with Expense Tracker


I love that I can cut new envelope as the season and my mood changes. Keeps me excited and involved with my budget and finance. Simple things right?

I hope we can get this going and keep our heads on straight. Even in the times of set backs I hope to push forward to our goal and not the little things drag us down.

Many Blessings

A. M.


One thought on “New Year, New Habits

  1. I absolutely love your ideas and blog. I’m very simple but I do love functional and a little bit of pretty. Your blog and videos hits that for me. So thank you. You inspire me to make my own blog about being a mommy and planner geek. Love it.
    Mahalo from Hawaii!

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