A Little Office Remodel

The office….


It’s the one room in our house that hasn’t received a fresh coat of paint since moving in. The hubs finally let go of this space for me to claim my own. With all my new hobbies I was really needing a space to be organized and be comfortable in doing some of my freelance work as well.

I have a lot of ideas but the first step was just to get the paint on the walls and to start clearing out and reorganizing the stuff crap I already have.

Here are some of the befores…


Its your basic builder neutral color circa 2003 dingy yellowish tan color.

I wanted something fun and clean. The rest of my house is a constant clutter I wanted to make this space a calm collected zone.. will that actually happen… probably not but at least I can try right?

I decided to go with a Dark ceiling and a bright almost white wall.


I love this color.. I have it in my main living area. Fashion Grey from Behr at Home Depot.

Here is a sneak of the corner of the office when Im starting to get things back together. Ill share more soon when I get things a little more put together.


So fresh so clean 🙂




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